Saturday, February 05, 2011

Greenpeace Terrorists Who Boarded Ship Arrested

The Greenpeace terrorists who boarded a ship in a bid to prevent it from unloading 10,000 tonnes of palm kernel at Port Taranaki have all been arrested. Five Greenpeace terrorists boarded the MV Great Motion at about 9am on Saturday in an attempt to stop it from unloading 10,000 tonnes of palm kernel. Palm kernel is used as supplementary feed for cows. Greenpeace claims it is linked to deforestation and destruction of peatland. Greenpeace says it wants the Government to put a stop to Fonterra's increasing use of palm kernel.The terrorists tied themselves to the vessel's anchor chain or locked themselves inside crane houses. Police say all five terrorists were arrested at about 8pm and they have been charged with unlawfully being on a boat. They will appear in court next week. Agriculture Minister David Carter said he respects the Greenpeace stance on deforestation, but accusations that New Zealand farmers are contributing to deforestation by using palm kernel are false.

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