Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Navy Panel: No Dismissal For Morale Boosting-Videos Captain

Navy panel says the former commander of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier who produced funny videos aboard the ship can remain in the service. The board of inquiry issued its recommendation Wednesday. It had been looking at whether to dismiss Capt. Owen P. Honors from the Navy. Honors was relieved of command in January after media reports about the videos surfaced. The videos included simulated same-sex shower scenes, anti-gay slurs and references to prostitution in foreign ports.
Honors says the videos were made to improve morale while teaching important shipboard lessons. He helped produce and appeared in the videos that aired on the ship between 2005 and 2007, when he was the ship's executive officer.The Navy has acknowledged the videos were wildly popular with most of the crew, but officials said Honors created inappropriate content on numerous occasions. In one of the videos, Honors acknowledged he had received complaints about "XO Movie Night," but didn't stop the videos. A Navy investigation found that Honors had produced at least 25 videos with inappropriate scenes and vulgar sailor type language.

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