Thursday, April 28, 2005

Navy Corpsman's Remains Recovered From Vietnam

The remains of a Navy Sailor and 3 Marines killed in a Vietnamese firefight nearly four decades ago have been identified and returned to the United States for funerals. Navy medic Navy Petty Officer 3rd class Malcolm "Mac" Miller, who was killed less than a month into his second tour in Vietnam, and two other team members will be laid to rest May 10 at Arlington National Cemetery on the 38th anniversary of their deaths, the Pentagon announced Monday. Miller, 20, was attached to a Marine reconnaissance unit near Khe Sanh in 1967 when the squad on night patrol found an empty Viet Cong bunker on top of a hill and waited for the enemy to return, said Miller's brother Wes, who has reviewed reports of the firefight. The families of the Americans reported missing after the firefight with dozens of Viet Cong were told they were dead but their bodies could not be recovered because of heavy fire.
Navy Petty Officer 3rd class Malcolm "Mac" Miller

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