Monday, May 30, 2005

Philippine Coast Guard Rescues Chinese Seaman

Coast Guard personnel aboard two helicopters rescued yesterday a Chinese cook who fell seriously ill and required immediate evacuation from a research ship returning to China from a Pacific Ocean journey, officials said. The Chinese ship Xiang Yang Hong 09 was off Polilio island in Quezon in the Pacific Ocean, when the helicopters hoisted the cook, Xu Zukui, using a rope harness as the aircraft hovered over the sea vessel, said Coast Guard officer Ronaldo Arenas, who led the rescue. Xu, who complained of extreme abdominal pain, was flown to a Manila airport then brought to a nearby hospital for treatment, Arenas said. Although acutely ill-equipped, the Coast Guard has received equipment and training from Japan and other countries in recent years, allowing its personnel to perform such emergency missions.

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