Thursday, May 12, 2005

Storm Causes Tugboat, Docked Barge To Sink

Winds gusting up to 65 miles an hour knocked out power to about 183-thousand Centerpoint Energy customers. Most of the power was expected to be back on by this morning. The Coast Guard says the storm also sank a Tugboat, Near the Bolivar Ferry landing around seven o’clock Sunday night. Four crew members on the tug "Matthew B" were able to jump to a barge before the boat sank. The crew of an anchored ship nearby let down a ladder and rescued three of the men and the fourth was rescued by a Coast Guard 47-foot rescue boat crew stationed in Galveston. None of the men were injured in the accident. The tug boat Mathew B. was pushing a barge with 58,800 gallons of diesel onboard when it began taking on water and sank. The barge broke free from the tug and was recovered by the tug boats San Thomas and Atlas who took it to be moored at pier 10 in Galveston. Ships passing by are being instructed to proceed at a slow speed. The cause of the accident is being investigated by Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Galveston.
Matthew B

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