Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Navy Says Hazing Unacceptable In Response To Incident On Norfolk-Based Ship

Admiral Robert F. Willard

The Navy's second-ranking admiral is telling thousands of subordinate commanders they must enforce rules against harassment. It follows a rash of hazing incidents, including one that allegedly happened on a Norfolk-based ship. Admiral Robert Willard is the vice chief of naval operations. The Virginian-Pilot, in Norfolk, reports Willard has harsh words for Navy leadership in a newly released memo. He calls failure to foresee the incidents "unacceptable" and reportedly urges leaders to take action. Recent incidents alleged in the Atlantic and Pacific fleets include claims of people being wrapped in plastic and of having badges pinned to their chests. Authorities charged seven sailors on the Norfolk-based USS Kauffman (FFG 59), for harassing shipmates in April.
USS Kauffman (FFG 59)

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