Friday, July 01, 2005

Canadian Ferry Crashes Into Dock

The Canadian ferry Queen of Oak Bay has crashed into a marina, smashing into a number of boats. It happened this morning at Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver. A ferry spokeswoman said the ship lost power while trying to dock. Witnesses say the Queen of Oak Bay missed the terminal berth and was blowing its horn as it crashed.
A passenger on board said there was an announcement before the crash, telling people to get into their cars and brace themselves. She told Canadian television she didn't feel a great impact. She said no one on the ferry was hurt. The owner of a restaurant which overlooks the harbor said the ferry destroyed 15 or 20 boats before it stopped. The ferry can carry 1,500 passengers and 362 cars.
Several boats are crushed after the British Columbia ferry Queen of Oak Bay lost control and smashed into a dock at Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver today. There are no reports of injuries.

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