Friday, July 29, 2005

Honeymooner's Mediterranean Cruise Disappearance Appears Suspicious

US Attorney Kevin O'Connor says the disappearance of a Greenwich man from a Mediterranean cruise abord the cruise ship Brilliance of the Seas appears suspicious.
The Brilliance of the Seas
George Smith the Fourth vanished somewhere between Greece and Turkey. He was on a 12-night honeymoon cruise and was reported missing when the ship docked at a Turkish resort area on July Fifth. Turkish authorities have handed the investigation over the U-S officials. O'Connor, the first American prosecutor to comment on the case, has offered the strongest indication so far that Smith's disappearance may involve foul play. O'Connor tells the Associated Press that no one has reached a definitive conclusion, but his office is operating under the assumption that a crime could have been committed. Investigators found blood stains running from the balcony of Smith's cabin to life boats. They also found a hand print on the side of the ship. Family members have been asked to provide blood samples so investigators can determine if the blood on the ship is Smith's.

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