Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tugboat To Be Raised

The Island Brave, a 101-foot tugboat that sank where it was moored at the mouth of the Duwamish River Sunday afternoon, is scheduled to be raised today. The Coast Guard has approved the salvage plan submitted by the tug's owner, Island Tug and Barge, Coast Guard Petty Officer Jeff Pollinger said. The company began attaching cables to the sunken vessel this morning.
The Island Brave
Lifting the tug is likely to take several hours, company officials told the Coast Guard. What caused the Island Brave to sink is unknown. The tug nearly dragged a sister vessel, the Patricia S, under when it sank. The two ships had been tied together Saturday night. The company used booms to contain fuel that spilled when the tug went down, Coast Guard officials said.

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