Monday, February 06, 2006

US Special Forces Boat Launched

The US Navy Special Forces will have a new high speed experimental craft with a very small wake Thirteen months ago, M Ship Company was commissioned by the Office of Force Transformation to produce a US Navy Special Forces sea craft capable of high speeds with a low footprint. The boat contains no rivets or screws, and is constructed from a composite hull 80 feet in length.
M80 Stiletto
The "M" shaped hull design came about as a need to reduce wave damage in seafaring cities such as a Venice. By shaping the hull into three or five distinct hulls joined by smooth curvatures, M Ship engineers discovered that prototype "M" hulls were extremely stable in rough water. Mini vortexes are created in between each of the hulls, suspending the ship above a free flowing stream of water with a very small wake. Fewer surface waves attracted the attention of the US Navy, who immediately put M Ship Co. to work on a working prototype. The M80 Stiletto is part of the US Navy's plan to bring more special forces under the fold, dubbed Wolf PAC. M Ship Co. has several more designs in store for the US Navy, and the M80 platform is one design of many more to come.

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