Monday, April 24, 2006

Union Claims Ship's Crew Exploited

Unionists in Burnie in Tasmania's north-west boarded a foreign ship this morning and delayed its departure, saying the crew are being exploited. The Maritime Union says 16 Filipino workers aboard the Korean ship, Ocean Peace, are living in appalling conditions and have not been fully paid. The ship left Burnie just before midday AEST. Union spokesman Mike Wickham says the International Transport Federation will detain it when it berths in Geelong.
Ocean Peace
"There's no working toilets, half the showers never work [and] there's no hot water in the showers, or in the galley," he said. Their accommodation arrangements were less than ordinary. They were lacking supplies in terms of some decent fruit, vegetables ... It was just filthy all through." The ship's agent, Bruce Monson, says none of the crew have complained to him about pay or conditions.

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