Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Pakistan-US Joint Navy Exercise

Pakistani and US Navy would conduct joint exercise “Inspired Union 06” from September 6. The bilateral exercise would be conducted in the Northern Arabian Sea. The purpose of exercise is advance maritime interdiction operations, counter terrorism and other wide range of professional exercises. The exercise would be conducted in three phases. The units participating in the exercise from Pakistan Navy are PNS Shahjahan, PNS Badar, PNS Moawin, PNS/M Saad and from US Navy USS Nicholas, USS Mcfaul, USS Albuquerque, and US Aircraft carrier Enterprise.
PNS Shahjahan
Besides special service forces from both sides will also participate in the exercise. The Pakistan Navy announced Friday that it would conduct joint exercises with the US Navy in the Arabian Sea for two weeks, beginning Monday. An Agosta 90-B submarine and three surface ships of the Pakistan Navy and a similar number of US ships and the aircraft carrier Enterprise are to participate, the announcement said.
USS Enterprise CVN-65
It said the purpose was to gain experience in advanced maritime interdiction operations to counter terrorism. Pakistan is a key ally of the United States in its global war on terrorism, and it recently relinquished the command of the naval task force of the anti-terrorism coalition in the area.

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