Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fishing Vessel Runs Aground

The fishing freight vessel `Harvest Caroline' is now being towed to Ullapool by the Coastguard Tug the 'Anglian Prince' after she went aground early this morning. Stornoway Coastguard were alerted at just after 6.00 a.m. this morning at the south east corner of Tanera Mor. The vessel had gone aground two to three hours before high water.
Harvest Caroline
The 1971 built fishing freight vessel, had dragged its anchors after suffering engine failure and had gone aground on rocks in the Summer Isles near Ullapool with six people on board including one passenger, the skipper's wife.
Harvest Caroline
By 10.00 this morning with high water approaching, the vessel began to shift and a tow was taken from the Coastguard Tug. At the same time, the Agency's counter pollution aircraft flew on scene and was able to observe the activity as well as monitoring any release of possible pollution.
Anglian Prince
The remaining five crew remained on board, and assisted in the refloating. The weather on scene is on shore northerly winds of force 8 to 9 with a 2 metre swell locally and a low cloud base.

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