Thursday, November 02, 2006

Swedish Ship Sinks In Storm

Rescuers are battling stormy seas and driving snow hunting for a crew member of a Swedish cargo ship which sank in the Baltic Sea, an official says. Helicopters plucked 13 of the 14 Swedish and Filipino crew members from high waves after the 155-metre vessel,The MV Finnbirch, carrying containers of mixed cargo, sank between the islands of Oland and Gotland, a Swedish Sea Rescue Society spokesman said.
MV Finnbirch
"We received a message that the helicopters had spotted the 13th crew member at 22.23pm. He was in a worse state than the others," said spokesman Peter Lindquist, adding the search was continuing for the remaining missing crew member. The rescued crew members were flown to hospital in the coastal city of Kalmar, all suffering the effects of icy water. The vessel was on its way from Helsinki in Finland to Arhus in Denmark when it capsized and sank four hours after sending an emergency call at 1440 GMT

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