Tuesday, December 12, 2006

19th Century Ship Found in Lake Ontario

A pair of Rochester men say they've found the wreck of a Lake Ontario schooner that went down more than 150 years ago. Jim Kennard and Dan Scoville say the Milan sits in 200 feet of water off of Point Breeze, on the lake's southern shore about 30 miles west of Rochester. The commercial schooner was hauling a load of salt when it sank in 1849. The crew was rescued and brought to Rochester. Kennard and Scoville tell R-News in Rochester that they looked for several years for the wreck site before discovering it this summer.Lake Ontario's cold water has kept the ship remarkably well-preserved. The tiller and both masts are still in place. The Milan is one of more than 200 shipwrecks in Lake Ontario. There are hundreds of others across the other Greak Lakes. Kennard and Scoville say they plan to search for other Lake Ontario shipwrecks scattered from the Niagara River to the Saint Lawrence River.

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