Monday, February 05, 2007

Boaters More Satisfied With Sex Life Than Non-Boaters

When it comes to setting the right mood for an evening of romance, would-be lovers go to all sorts of lengths to woo their mate. But a recent survey found that if you're looking for love, the best preparation might be revving up the engine and heading out on your boat. According to a survey conducted by Discover Boating and Russell Research, boaters expressed a greater level of satisfaction with their sex life than non-boaters. While making waves in the bedroom may be reason enough for many to chart their course, the survey found boaters enjoy plenty of other lifestyle benefits over their land-based counterparts. "Being out on the water, relaxing away from stresses on land instantly sets the right mood for making a love connection," said sociologist and relationship expert Pepper Schwartz, PhD. "Not only is the setting a mood- enhancer, but boaters are more active and exude confidence in their physical appearance, which is naturally going to be attractive to other active people." The survey polled more than 1,000 boaters and non-boaters and compared their viewpoints on several quality of life aspects. Specific to intimacy, participants were asked if they agreed with the statement "I am satisfied with the quality of my sex life."Two-thirds of boaters (67 percent) agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, while only 58 percent of non-boaters held the same opinion. Of boaters who agreed with the statement, nearly a quarter (24 percent) strongly agreed with the statement. Boaters also expressed greater satisfaction with their marriage. Seventy- five percent of boaters agreed or strongly agreed with the statement "My spouse and I are happy with the state of our marriage," compared to 70 percent of non-boaters. The boost to a boater's sex life and the increase in marital bliss can be attributed to many aspects of the boating lifestyle. Boating offers unparalleled opportunities to relax and bond with the people who are close to you, whether you're just socializing or looking to make that special someone your "first mate." Additionally, the fantastic vistas enjoyed from a boat can help set the mood for an evening of fun. Feeling healthy and confident when you turn out the lights and turn up the charm also plays a role in an enjoyable sex life. These were two areas where boaters also scored higher than non-boaters, according to the survey. Fifty- eight percent of boaters expressed satisfaction with their overall physical fitness (compared to 50 percent of non-boaters,) while 76 percent of boaters consider themselves leaders among their close friends (compared to 69 percent of non-boaters).

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