Saturday, February 10, 2007

One Missing, Five Hurt In Boat Collision

One person is missing, feared dead while five others are injured after two boats collided at high speed on the Murray River. The incident occurred near the town of Torrumbarry, which is west of Echuca, at about 8.45am (AEDT) and a search for the missing person is continues. "Two boats collided at high speed ... one of the boats sank and the other apparently ended up on the NSW bank," Rural Ambulance Service spokesman John Mullen said. He said the air ambulance had been dispatched to the crash site."One person has severe chest injuries, one has severe head injuries, three others have less serious injuries," Mr Mullen said. He could not comment on the identities of those involved. Police from Victoria and NSW are involved in the emergency response. "Two boats have come around a bend opposite Youngs Road and collided head on," Victoria Police senior constable Carla Coslovich said. She added the missing person has "possibly gone down with the boat". Constable Coslovich said police were yet to receive confirmation of whether the boats were linked to a major speed boat event being staged on the river. "Up at Echuca this weekend is the Southern 80, which is a boat race. "Any boats along the Murray at this stage would be some sort of speed boat or similar." Mr Mullen said the two seriously injured people were being airlifted to the Royal Melbourne Hospital, and the three others were being taken to Echuca for medical treatment.

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