Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ship Scuttled To Create Artificial Reef

Tasmania's newest artificial reef has begun settling into place off Maria Island on the state's east coast. A 590-tonne former cargo ship was scuttled this morning to create the reef. The scuttling was delayed slightly while a helicopter completed a last minute search of the site for any stray whales or other vulnerable marine life. Then to cheers and applause from hundreds of spectators assembled on nearby boats, the Troy D was sunk.
The coastal trader Troy D is scuttled off Maria Island
A ball of flame shot-up from the vessel, but it was only for show. The real work was done by explosives carefully planted inside the Troy D, which imploded the ship. The 55-metre vessel has now sunk to the seabed next to a marine berth off Maria Island. It is hoped it will become a world-class dive site.

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