Friday, April 20, 2007

World’s First Global Maritime Television Channel to Launch In May

The World’s First Maritime Television Channel - MarineBiz TV is to launch at Dubai, UAE. Dubai, a major Shipping Hub of the World is to play host to one of the most amazing events of the Maritime World. The mega eye triggering launch of this Satellite Channel to be held at The Crown Plaza on the 7th th th of May, 2007, is to be the meeting point of the crème de la crème of the Maritime World. MarineBiz TV is to become the single window to the World of Marine and Maritime activities. The coverage of the Channel extends from the informative & educational to the entertainment sectors of the Maritime World, thus encompassing every aspect beneficial to maritime community.The voyage of MarineBiz TV into the dawn of a united Maritime World, promises to bring the World together onto a single deck. The Web TV which is the online arm of MarineBiz TV is already operational at It promises to bring the Maritime World to the desktop making MarineBiz TV accessible to one and all. The launch of MarineBiz TV is to be accompanied by an awards function for different Maritime Video Categories. The areas to be covered by the Channel are initially Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe in the first phase. North and South America are to be covered in the second phase. The Whole World, especially the Maritime Fraternity is to benefit by this venture.

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