Friday, September 28, 2007

Thieves Abandon Stolen Boat After Seeking Ransom

The thieves who stole a boat from an Annapolis dealership and sought ransom from the owner have since abandoned it in Baltimore. Annapolis police Officer Kevin Freeman said that the 17-foot Boston Whaler was found in a Baltimore harbor, stripped of the engine, controls, sun screen and cooler.
A 17-foot Boston Whaler
Police said the thieves wanted Bart Hiltabidle, the owner of the Eastport dealership where the boat was stolen, to pay them ransom to get the boat back. In a note left at the dealership, they asked for $3,000. Hiltabidle said that thieves came back the next day and tried to steal a 15-foot boat. He said they carved "last chance" into the front door. Hiltabidle said he is currently increased security at his store and has added more locks.

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