Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Missing Sailor Found On Mothers's Sofa

Rescue teams mounted a frantic search for a missing sailor after his boat was found wrecked off the Norwegian coast – only for the man to be found drunk on his mother's sofa. The rescue team were called out after witnesses first heard a loud crash, just before midnight and then found the wreckage of a boat when they went o investigate. A search for the man was immediately launched in the sea off the coast of Bærum, a suburb of Oslo, a local newspaper reports.However, a bag was found near the wreck with an address tag on it. About two hours after the search began, police at the address found the boat's driver relaxing on his mum's sofa. He is thought to have been on the booze. 'We have a suspicion of intoxication and a blood sample has been taken. He can at least expect repercussions for not reporting the accident,' commented police spokesman Tore Haugen.

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