Saturday, September 29, 2007

Venezuelan Ship Captured Loaded With Cocaine

The Spanish Tax Agency seized a haul of 3,200 kilograms of cocaine smuggled in a Venezuelan fishing boat captured on the high seas. The whole crew, all of them Venezuelans except for one Ecuadorian, was detained. The "Zeus X," of Venezuelan flag, was boarded last Tuesday at 1,050 miles of Canarias, the Spanish Atlantinc archipielago, by "Petrel I," the special operations ship of Spanish Tax Agency.According to reporters, the Spanish officers found inside the ship a total of 92 bundles of cocaine, of approximately 35 kilograms each, estimated at a price higher than 190 million euros (USD 268,762,600). The detainees, the ship and the illicit drugs were taken to the National Audience, which ruled on provisional imprisonment for the people involved and transfer of "Zeus X" to the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria port, where it will arrive next Tuesday.

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