Monday, October 15, 2007

Oldest Fishing Boat Back In Business

A gently rising tide yesterday refloated a Cornish fishing lugger at the place where she last landed fish 74 years ago. The Ripple, a 44ft tarred boat built 111 years ago, has been subject to a four-year restoration project near Newlyn harbour and is now the world's only working Cornish lugger. In a ceremony aided by the raw brawn of Cornish Pirates rugby team members, she has now been placed back in the water.Owner John Lambourn said she was a special kind of boat - in and out of the water. "The Ripple symbolises regeneration in Newlyn," he said. "She is a tangible example of getting the past to work for the future, inspiring the next generation to find ways of benefiting from the richness of Newlyn's fishing heritage and learning how the past can help shape a vision for a sustainable fishing industry."The Ripple SS.19 was built on the Harbour Beach in St Ives in 1896 and is now the oldest fishing boat on the UK Fishing Vessel Register carrying her original name and fishing registry number. The historic ship, which was restored by the West Cornwall Lugger Industry Trust, will tomorrow be blessed by the Rev Julyan Drew, Methodist minister for Newlyn and Mousehole.

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