Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pub Completes 25,000km Journey By Boat

New Zealanders mourning the World Cup loss have been able to drown their sorrows patriotically after a pub with 75 kegs of a local brew arrived in London on a container ship. The MV Lida arrived this week at Canary Wharf after 76 days at sea travelling from New Zealand as part of a promotion by Dunedin brewery Speight’s. More than 2000 keen drinkers applied to be one of five punters making the voyage.
The MV Lida passing under Tower Bridge in London carrying a pub
The boat travelled almost 25,000km, stopping in Western Samoa, Panama, New York and the Bahamas before arriving in London. The pub was purpose-built in six weeks by Christchurch company 3 Bald Men inside two five-tonne containers and will stay moored at the wharf for two weeks before setting up in a central London site.

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