Friday, December 07, 2007

Winds Drive Ship Aground

A cruise ship returning from Rotuma was swept onto a reef during tropical cyclone winds. Blue Lagoon Cruise director sales and marketing Joe Tuamoto said the company vessel MV Lycianda was out in Rotuma on its way back to Lautoka. He said around 9.15pm when tropical cyclone Daman was just passing through Rotuma. He said the vessel was trying to come out of shelter when strong winds forced the vessel on Onifa reef. The vessel was blown onto the inner reef inside the harbour at Rotuma at the height of Daman passing over Rotuma, he said.
MV Lycianda
The ship suffered no damage to its hull, only minor damage to its rudders and propellers. There was no injury to the crew, he said. Mr Tuamoto said only the crew was on board at the time. He said the vessel was to have picked up passengers when it got caught in the cyclone. He said the weather was now clearing in Rotuma and the captain reported all crew living onboard were well. It is hoped to dispatch a tug to travel to Rotuma to assist the ship come off the reef and be towed back to Suva for repairs, he said.

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