Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Cell Phones Off Uniforms

Now, even work-issued cell phones and similar digital equipment cannot be worn exposed on Marine Corps uniforms due to a change in regulations directed by the commandant. Updating orders at least 12 years old, Marine Administrative Message 065/08 spells out a small but significant change in an age where many Marines carry cell phones, PDAs and hands-free earpieces for their official duties. Previously, uniform regulations allowed cell phones and pagers to be worn on uniforms only if they were issued by the government for work.The modification allows room for Marines to wear cell phones out of view, however, such as clipped to their belt in utilities when the blouse covers it, said Mary K. Boyt, with the Marine Corps Uniform Board. "As long as it can't be seen, you're fine," said Boyt. Additionally, Marines can still use hands-free headsets on the job within reason, such as sitting at their workstation, and for safety while driving, said Boyt. Regulations still ban the wear of exposed personal cell phones in a Marine Corps uniforms and have not changed since at least 1995.

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