Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Navy Looking For Enlisted For Blue Angels

The Navy is seeking enlisted applicants for the Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron (Blue Angels) 2009 Season. Applications must be postmarked before April 1, 2008. Personnel selected will normally detach from their present command in October and report in November.There are open E-5/E-6 billets within the following ratings: AZ, AD, AE, AT, AO, AME, AM, AS, PR, MC, SK, HM2 (NEC 8406) AND YN1 (preferably NEC 9588). For Chief Petty Officers, there are open billets in the ADC (NEC 8342) and AMC (NEC 8342) ratings. A normal tour of duty with the Blue Angels is three years and is sea duty (Type 2) for rotational purposes. For complete eligibility details, see Navy Administrative Message 040/08.

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