Saturday, March 15, 2008

Missing Ship MV Rezzak Sank

The Directorate General of Shipping on Friday ruled out that the missing vessel MV Rezzak was a victim of an act of piracy and said it was likely the ship had sunk after encountering bad weather. MV Rezzak, a ship registered in Panama and owned by a Turkish company, had gone missing on February 18 in the Black Sea near Turkey with a crew of 25 Indians and carrying a cargo of steel billets. An interim report given by the Indian officer sent to Turkey to investigate the disappearance of the vessel stated it was likely the ship had sunk.
MV Rezzak
"As per reports received from the International Maritime Bureau (IMB), in view the extreme weather conditions and location of the incident, the chances of hijacking or piracy appear unlikely," a statement from the DG Shipping stated. "Although there is no firm evidence, but considering the extremely rough weather conditions, the size of the vessel and material found on the surface of the sea gives the impression that the vessel has sunk," it stated.

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