Sunday, July 13, 2008

Colombo Dockyard launches ‘Great Ship Abha’

The third 80 ton anchor handling tug supply vessel “Great Ship Abha” built by Colombo Dockyard Ltd (PLC) (CDL) for Great Ship(India)Ltd was launched recently. This proves the strength of Colombo Dockyard(PLC) in ship building. Superior technology and engineering and working capacity of CDL have been utilised. V.K. Chandrasekharan, Head-sales and purchase (technical), Great Ship(India)Ltd was the chief guest while S. Tatebe, Chairman and Managing Director(CEO), Mangala Yapa of CDL as well as staff and employees were present. Prince Lye, Assistant Marketing Manager (Ship building), Colombo Dockyard(PLC) said, This a another exceptional performance that we have achieved. Prior to this we delivered “Great Ship Anjali” in January and “Great Ship Amritha” in April 2008. We plan to deliver “Great Ship Abha” on January 30, 2009. However, we will try our best to deliver this vessel one month in advance on December 30 this year”.“More than 380,000 hours of manpower have been used to build this vessel since it was started. About 960 tons of iron were used for this anchor handling tug supply vessel. The value of this “Great Ship Abha” will amount to $ 17.5 million. The salient features of this vessel are that the overall length is about 63.04m, breadth 15m, depth 6m. The deadweight of this vessel is 1,600 tons and the speed of this vessel is about 13 knots. These vessels are used for anchor handling, towing and to supply cargo to offshore installations.” “I appreciate the work done by our workforce. We have achieved this target because of their commitment and are trying our best to complete and deliver the fourth 80 ton anchor handling tug supply vessel for Great Ship(India)Ltd very soon”, he said.

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