Monday, July 21, 2008

Ship Drifts Dangerously With The Ttide

An unmanned ship that drifts and poses a danger to vessels in the Suva harbour has raised concern. Marcus Hill, of Lami, said the vessel had been in the Suva Harbour for more than three years and drifted with the tide. He said the ship broke its mooring again for the second time in a month and was a risk to ship anchored in port. He said the vessel could damage yachts berthed at the Tradewinds Hotel and called on relevant authorities to deal with the matter.Mr Hill said he had raised the matter with the Fiji Islands Maritime Safety Administration and was referred to Ports Authority. "The tide was out this morning and the boat was sitting on the beach," said Mr Hill. "The last time I had to hire a boat to pull it out." Fiji Island Maritime Safety Administration acting director Captain Inoke Ratotodro said he requested marine checkers to approach Ports Authority to deal with the matter. Captain Ratotodro declined to comment further and referred all questions to Works and Transport Ministry public relations officer Sainiana Waqainabete.

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