Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Russian Dry-Cargo Ship Is In Distress In The Caspian

The Sarmat-1 dry-cargo ship of river-sea type is in distress in the Caspian Sea, the electronic Maritime Bulletin (MB) reports. "According to preliminary data as of 22:00, Moscow time, on Monday, the Russian dry-cargo ship Sarmat-1 of river-sea type (formerly Ruza-3, deadweight 2,063, built in 1986, Russian-flagged, registry port -- Taganrog, owned by private joint-stock company Navigator, Rostov on Done) is in distress in the Caspian," the MB report said.It is still unknown what exactly has happened with the ship, the MB points out. "The ship is off the coast of the Apsheron Peninsula, apparently gaving no way, and drifting towards the shore. It is not ruled out that the ship sprang a leak. The ship had requested help at about 3 p.m.. Azerbaijani rescuers have sent out the shelf supply ship Vadim Seidov and the tanker Shemakha to the ship in distress. According to preliminary information, 'everything is all right' with the eleven-member crew of the Sarmat-1," the MB said.

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