Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Storekeeper, Postal Clerk Ratings To Merge Into Logistic Specialist Rating

Chief of Naval Operations, Adm. Gary Roughead, has approved the merger of the storekeeper (SK) and postal clerk (PC) ratings to the logistics specialist (LS) rating. The conversion from SK and PC ratings to LS officially begins Oct. 1, 2009 for all active-duty Sailors and Reserve component E-6 and above according to NAVADMIN 326/08. Conversion for Reserve component E-1 through E-5 begins April 1, 2010. The SK rating badge will be used to represent the new LS rating. All PC personnel are required to convert uniform rating badges to the SK rating badge no later than Oct. 1, 2011. "Over the past several years, the postal clerk rating has been shrinking. We went from having an enlisted authorization of almost 1,000 people, and now we're down to 645.It's at a point now that we're losing billets faster than we lose people, which stifles promotion," said Master Chief Postal Clerk (SW/AW) Ron Guyton, the Navy's technical advisor for the supply ratings. The rating merger overall will benefit the Sailors more than two separate rates would, said Guyton. As an element of the Navy's total force strategy, this merger will capitalize on the knowledge, skills and abilities found in the two ratings and apply them toward a unified mission according to the NAVADMIN. "With most PCs gone from smaller ships, the storekeepers are doing that work already, and it's been successful. So now we're taking a bigger step and training more Sailors to do a wider variety of jobs. There's no way the Navy can lose by having better trained Sailors," Guyton said.

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