Thursday, January 22, 2009

Turkish Tanker Sinks Off Southern French Coast

The crew of a Turkish tanker escaped unharmed after their vessel crashed into rocks and sank just outside the southern French port of Marseille overnight, the local maritime authorities announced Wednesday. Turkish tanker sinks off southern French coast, all crew safe. None of the 10 crew members of the 84-metre-long Gunay 2 were hurt in the accident, in which happened just after the vessel had left the port bound for the Italian port of Livorno. The tanker was carrying 3,000 tons of wheat at the time, but local officials said they had detected no pollution or any spillage of the cargo from the ship.
Gunay 2
The Gunay 2 crashed into rocks and sank in bad weather 4.2 nautical miles (eight kilometers) off the coast just south of the little island of Planier, where a lighthouse warns of the dangerous waters in the area. Its front starboard (right-hand-side) was caved in, letting in water to that part of the ship. Six people from the ship's crew were taken safely to the port after the accident while the captain and three more people stayed on board to help rescue teams, the Anatolian Agency said. Tugboats will tow the damaged vessel back to port on Wednesday, officials added.

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