Thursday, January 15, 2009

Navy Revises Short-Term Extensions

The Navy announced a new policy for short-term extensions which will impact Sailors in overmanned ratings, physical fitness assessment (PFA) failures and some Perform to Serve (PTS) applicants. According to NAVADMIN 007/09, commanding officers may not authorize short-term extensions for Sailors in overmanned ratings without NPC's approval except to obtain obligated service required to complete initial entry training, execute permanent change of station (PCS) orders or an Individual Augmentee assignment, to obtain maternity care benefits for a member's wife or pregnant servicewoman, or to meet a fleet reserve date. Under the new policy short-term extensions for the purpose of passing the physical fitness assessment are not authorized for Sailors who cannot pass the Navy's PFA and have failed three times within a four-year period. Short-term extensions are no longer authorized for undesignated Sailors, also known as Gendets, who have not been selected for a rating or converted in the first six months of the 12-month PTS window.Commands are required to review all short term extension requests to ensure they are executed for valid program and career management reasons. Sailors are not authorized to execute short-term extensions to remain on active duty to complete a college course prior to separation. Short term extensions are not authorized for Sailors awaiting examination results or for Sailors awaiting additional quotas for automatic advancement under any automatic advancement program, such as command advancement program. "The main reasons a Sailor would need a short-term extension is to complete a deployment, match their EAOS (end of active obligated service) to their PRD (projected rotation date) extend to complete training, or for maternity benefits," said Master Chief Navy Counselor (SW/AW) Tom Albert, assigned to Navy Personnel Command (NPC). Short-term extensions are conditional extensions that extend a members enlistment contract anywhere from one to 23 months. Affected overmanned ratings will be updated quarterly or as needed and overmanned rating lists will be posted with status of extension requests, procedures, guidance, and frequently asked questions at the NPC enlisted career progression webpage.

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