Friday, April 10, 2009

Chemicals-Laden Turkish Ship Sinks In Sri Lankan Waters

A Turkish ship carrying thousands of tonnes of sulphuric acid sank off the Trincomalee Harbour in the eastern coast of Sri Lanka triggering fear of massive marine pollution. Reports said that Sri Lankan Marine officials along with the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) were taking urgent measures to minimise the environmental damage caused by the Turkish ship, MT Granba, which sank 8 kilometers off Foul Point in Trincomalee.
MT Granba
Ranjith Kularatne, Chairman of the Marine Environmental Protection Authority said the stretch of sea near Foul Point in Trincomalee was getting polluted due to the continuing leak. The ship was carrying 6250 metric tons of sulphuric acid when it began to sink off Foul Point in Trincomalee. The 19 crew members have been evacuated and handed over to police.

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