Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Joe’s First Shout As Helmsman Is To Rescue A Fishing Boat.

Newquay RNLI’s lifeboats launched on Friday 17th April 2009 to assist a broken down fishing vessel in Newquay Bay. At 16:50 hrs on Friday afternoon the fishing vessel Prah Nang reported that she had lost engine power and was adrift in Newquay Bay, 1 mile NNW of Park Head. They had identified the root of the problem as a split fuel line and managed to effect a repair. However, they had lost fuel and had insufficient fuel to return to the harbour.Newquay’s RNLI Atlantic 85 lifeboat, Gladys Mildred, launched with Joe Emmett at the helm. Joe and his crew took spare fuel out to the disabled vessel and then escorted her back to the harbour. This was Joe’s first shout as an Atlantic helmsman having successfully completed his competencies the day prior to the shout. Joe joined the crew in 1997, becoming a D-class helmsman in 2007. Atlantic Crew: Joe Emmett (helm), Daniel Gilbert, Christian Brown, Ian Jepson.

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