Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Russian Ship Impounded In UK Port

A Russian ship and its 12 crew have been marooned in a Bristol port for two months, the ship's agent has said. The OMG Kolpino was impounded at Avonmouth Docks because its St Petersburg-based owner, Oslo Marine Group, has outstanding debts. A second OMG vessel was also being held at La Pallice in France, it emerged. OMG Kolpino's agent, Michael Tree, said: "The crew are waiting to be paid. They have food and water. One or two of them have ventured out into Bristol."
OMG Kolpino
He added: "What's likely to happen is the courts will make an order which will allow the ship to be sold so the creditors can be paid. "When the crew are paid, they will be able to get tickets home and will be repatriated." He said the debts related to unpaid fuel costs from a previous voyage.

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