Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Woman, 20, On Freight Ship Gives Birth In Berth

A woman working on a German freight ship has given birth to a baby girl off the coast of Brazil, a Hamburg shipping company said yesterday. The young assistant officer and her daughter had been transferred to a hospital in the coastal town of Rio Grande, where they were both doing well according to the shipping company, Leonhardt and Blumberg.The 20-year-old woman had been working on board the container ship for two months, apparently without realising she was pregnant. On Wednesday evening, the woman contacted the captain of MS Maruba Simmons when she started having labour pains. The 43-year-old did his best to help with the birth, before emergency doctors arrived by helicopter on the ship, 50 km off the Brazilian coast. “Had we known that the woman was pregnant, she would not have been on board,” the shipping company said, adding that it was a lucky coincidence that the vessel was near the coast at the time.

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