Saturday, August 06, 2005

Russian Mini-Sub Rescue Underway

A poject 1855 Priz naval mini-submarine is seen in this picture. A similar Russian naval mini-submarine with seven sailors aboard was trapped Friday on the sea floor off the Pacific Coast .
A Russian mini-submarine carrying seven sailors snagged on a fishing net and was stuck 625 feet down on the Pacific floor Friday. A Russian vessel later towed the stranded sub to shallower waters as the United States and Britain rushed unmanned vehicles there to help in rescue efforts. It was unclear whether there was enough oxygen aboard the mini-sub to keep the crew alive long enough for remote-controlled vehicles to reach them from bases in San Diego and Britain. A Russian rescue vessel managed to hook a cable onto a disabled mini-submarine and was towing it to shallower waters, the commander of the Pacific Fleet was quoted as saying later Friday. The Interfax news agency said Adm. Viktor Fyodorov announced that the rescue vessel also was trying to raise the vessel as it was being towed.

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