Thursday, January 26, 2006

Food Rationed Aboard Ship Stuck In Tasman

the Windeward Bound
Food supplies are being rationed aboard a sailing ship becalmed in the middle of the Tasman Sea. Twenty people, including several teenagers, are aboard the Windeward Bound, which is due to race with other tall ships at the Auckland Harbour Festival this weekend. However, the vessel, which has been at sea for 15 days, is not likely to make the event as it is stuck 350 nautical miles off Cape Reinga. Race organiser John Lister says Maritime New Zealand, the Navy and the Airforce will be briefed on the situation later today. Mr Lister says the ship has barely moved in 24 hours, and is very short on fuel as well as food. It is hoped more fuel can be delivered to the ship so it can use its engines to get to land.

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