Sunday, July 09, 2006

Final Touches To The George H.W. Bush Aircraft Carrier

Saturday was a day to remember for a former president, and the workers at Northrop Grumman Shipyard in Newport News. Former President George H.W. Bush helped put the finishing touches on the Aircraft Carrier bearing his name. He gave the final command to hoist the island house onto the carrier deck. He was only feet away as it was put into place.
The George H. W. Bush's island is the 162nd and final super lift in the ship's construction schedule
The former president also read a letter that will be placed in a time capsule on the ship. The capsule will be opened after the carrier is retired. That will be in about 50 years. The George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier will join the Navy fleet in 2008. Former Presidnet Bush plans to return to Newport News in October for the carrier's christening.
New CVN 77 Carrier to be named USS George H. W. Bush. The former President inspects a model of his namesake.

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