Thursday, July 13, 2006

U.S. Military Recruiting Statistics

The Department of Defense has announced its recruiting and retention statistics by the active and reserve components for the month of June. Active duty recruiting. All services exceeded their recruiting goals in June. The Army recruited 8,756 out of a goal of 8,600 (102 percent). The Navy recruited 3,961 out of a goal of 3,961 (100 percent). The Marine Corps recruited 4,357 out of a goal of 4,129 (105 percent). The Air Force recruited 2,564 out of a goal of 2,548 (101 percent). Active duty retention. All services are projected to meet their retention goals for the current fiscal year. Reserve forces recruiting. Accession data includes: Recruiting + Active to Reserve Transitions + IRR to Unit Transfers. Five of six Reserve components met or exceeded their accession goals for May 2006.

* Army National Guard: Recruited 5,823 out of a goal of 5,743 (101 percent)
* Army Reserves: Recruited 5,640 out of a goal of 4,661 (121 percent)
* Navy Reserves: Recruited 970 of of a goal of 1,021 (95 percent)
* Marine Corps Reserves: Recruited 1,315 out of a goal of 1,281 (103 percent)
* Air National Guard: Recruited 880 out of a goal of 742 (119 percent)
* Air Force Reserves: Recruited 607 out of a goal of 605 (100 percent)

Reserve forces retention. For June, Army National Guard retention was 122 percent of the cumulative goal of 25,239, and Air National Guard retention was 108 percent of its cumulative goal of 7,121. Both the Army and Air Guard are currently at 96 and 99 percent of their end strength, respectively. Losses in all reserve components for May are well within acceptable limits. Indications are that trend will continue into June.

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