Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cargo Ship Collision

At half past two this morning, Dover Coastguard whilst monitoring the traffic separation scheme, heard a ship calling another on VHF radio. The ship 'Dealer' a general cargo vessel on passage to Teignmouth in Devon was calling the ship 'Vindo', also a general cargo vessel on passage to Seville in Spain. The 'Dealer' was having no success in getting a response from the 'Vindo'. Dover Coastguard watching the two ships on their Channel Navigation Information System radar called the 'Vindo' and were successful in communicating with the 'Vindo', they were then able to inform them that they were being called by another vessel.
Cargo Vessel Vindo
Both ships communicated with each other and a collision occurred in a position 17 miles east of North Foreland. There have been no injuries sustained by either of the crews and no pollution. Both ships have sustained some damage. Both ships masters have informed Dover Coastguard of their intentions to continue on their passages. The 'Vindo' is Antigua and Barbuda registered and is 90 metres long. It is 3183 GT. The 'Dealer' is Antigua and Barbuda registered and is 80 metres long. It is 1692 GT. Frank O'Neill, Watch Manager, Dover Coastguard said: "Thankfully, no one has been injured in this incident and no pollution has occurred. The Maritime and Coastguard Agency's Enforcement branch and Port State Control officers have been notified of this incident"

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