Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pirates Hijack A Ship Off Somali Coast

United Arab Emirates-registered vessel has been seized off coastline of the Somali capital Mogadishu, the MV Fishana vessel is reported charted by Somali businessman. The Somali businessman charted-vessel was carrying charcoal from El maan port near Mogadishu, Somali capital. Abdurrahman Olow, prominent Mogadishu-based businessman, who owns the charcoal shipment, told Radio Shabelle Radio that, the captain of the hijacked ship had contacted with him confirming that the ship has been hijacked. Mr. Abdurrahman said, the hijackers let us speak with the captain of the vessel, who also confirmed that they were taken hostages, The ship had anchored at Mogadishu international airport loading off food stuff before sailing to Elman port near Mogadishu for loading charcoal to United Arab Emirates. At least 12 Indian crewmen were on board while the captain is reported to be an Ethiopian national. According to Mr. Olow the hijackers have taken the ship to 45 miles away from Mogadishu coastlines."We don't know who the hijackers were, but we have been told that a group of Somali armed men seized the ship, he told to Radio Shabelle. It is amazing that to see or hear that the pirates have again resumed their evil operations in Somalia he added. He said, that he has already informed the authorities of Islamic courts union for the hijack of ship adding that the Islamic courts have pledged to take deceive action against that. The International Maritime Board has already warned of an alarming increase in piracy in Somali waters and has urged ships to avoid the area. It is the first time to hijack a ship since the Islamic courts took control of the Somali capital Mogadishu and much of the southern part of Somalia, though more than 40 piracy attack took place before the Islamists came into force. This move is coincided after 10 Somali pirates sentenced by a Kenyan court for seven years in prison for each in Kenya after convicting that they hijacked an Indian ship.

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