Saturday, April 21, 2007

Blue Angel Crashes At Air Show

A Navy F-18 Blue Angel plane crashed during an air show, according to televised reports. The county coroner's office said one person was killed. Witnesses said the planes were flying in formation during the show at a Marine air base, and then one dropped down below the trees and apparently crashed.
Navy Blue Angel No. 6 is shown minutes before crashing.
"The next thing I seen was just a big black cloud of smoke," Gerald Popp, who lives nearby, told reporters. At the Blue Angels command headquarters at Pensacola Naval Air Station the petty officer duty said he "had no comment at this time." A woman who answered the phone at the county coroner's office said one person died in the crash. It was not immediately clear who it was.
The Blue Angels team leader circles the site where the Navy F-18 Blue Angel plane crashed.
More than 100,000 were expected to attend the air show, and the Blue Angels were the main attraction. The elite aerial-demonstration team, which is based at Pensacola Naval Air Station, recently celebrated its 60th anniversary. Beaufort is about 35 miles northwest of Hilton Head.

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