Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ship Collision Causes Major Oil Spill Off South Korea

A Hong Kong-registered oil tanker collided with another vessel in seas off South Korea's west coast Friday and leaked about 15,000 tons of crude oil, an official with the Maritime and Fisheries Ministry said. It was believed to be South Korea's largest offshore oil leak, according to the official, who spoke on customary condition of anonymity citing office policy.
Oil spills into the sea from the Hebbei Spirit near Mallipo beach, South Korea.
The collision left three holes in the 146,000-ton tanker Hebbei Spirit. The leaked oil amounts to 110,000 barrels, the official said. The tanker was at anchor about five miles off Mallipo beach, carrying about 260,000 tons of crude oil when it was hit by another vessel, the official said. The official could not give more details, including whether the leaking was still continuing or the extent of its damage to humans or wildlife.

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