Saturday, January 12, 2008

Crew Rescued From Sinking Vessel

Five fishermen have been rescued after their boat sank in the North Sea. The Fraserburgh-registered Fisher Boys, with five people on board, began taking on water about 40 miles off the coast. Three of the crew were taken to an offshore supply vessel while the skipper and one other crew member stayed on board with pumping equipment. However, their efforts were in vain and the pair were also transferred to the support vessel before the Fisher Boys sank at 1108 GMT.
The Fisher Boys (FR 940)
Aberdeen Coastguard said a helicopter from RAF Lossiemouth had lowered additional pumps on board in a bid to save the boat, but the efforts were "ineffective". One of the boat's crew was reported to have chest pains. The crewman was being flown to Lossiemouth with the RAF helicopter - which refuelled on a drilling rig - so he could then be taken onto Dr Gray's Hospital in Elgin by ambulance. The other four crew decided to accompany the support vessel into Peterhead.

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