Sunday, January 20, 2008

Two Killed After 'Chemical Leak' On Ship

A container ship has been forced to dock in Dover after two crew members were found dead. They were believed to have been killed by a chemical leak on board the Latvian-registered Sava Lake. The ship's crew alerted Dover Coastguard after the deceased, believed to be either Latvian or Russian, were discovered. The 90-metre vessel, which was carrying ferrous metal from Denmark to Portugal, had been sailing in the Channel.
Sava Lake
There were seven crew members on board. The ship then moored at Dover Harbour after the alert. A spokesman for Kent Fire and Rescue said: "A specialist chemical response team were sent to identify any dangerous atmospheres on board." They later said there was no risk to the public from the cargo. Kent Police said they were investigating the incident but they added the deaths were not being treated as suspicious.

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