Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ship Loses Battle With Ice

A fishing vessel that cracked its hull and began taking on water after its crew tried to plow through several hundred yards of ice was repaired and refloated according to the Coast Guard. The 55-foot My Oar radioed for help from Anton Larsen Bay, but communication with the ship -- via its VHF radio -- was lost shortly after and the Coast Guard deployed a Jayhawk helicopter to the scene. The chopper found the vessel taking on water near the boat launch in the bay, with a crack about seven feet from its bow, according to the Coast Guard. The chopper lowered a rescue swimmer and a water pump onto a nearby road and the crew tied the ship to the shore when the tide receded.The pump was able to dewater the vessel, but it remained aground because of low tides, said Petty Officer 1st Class Sara Francis. The Coast Guard directed the vessel not to leave port until repairs are complete, she said. Based on reports from the ship's owner and operator, the crack was located on the port side of the vessel underneath its bunk room, Francis said. The crew began trying to make repairs to the hull before the tide returned, she said. More permanent repairs were completed in time to catch the high tide the Coast Guard said. No one was injured and there were no reported spills, according to the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard marine safety detachment Kodiak is investigating.

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