Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Freak Wave Hits Cruise Ship

A massive wave rocked a cruise ship carrying almost 2,000 people in the Mediterranean, Wednesday, March 2, leaving two dead and 14 injured, Spain's maritime rescue service reports. The freak wave "smashed windows in the lounge area" of the Louis Majesty," the service reported. The accident occurred Wednesday off the coast of Spain's north-eastern Catalonia region. The cruise ship was on its way to Italy where it was scheduled to dock at a Genoa port.After the wave, reported to be 26 feet high, hit the vessel, the captain rerouted the ship to the Barcelona, Spain, where the injured passengers were brought to a local hospital. A 62-year-old woman suffered breaks in both legs and was listed in serious condition Wednesday night. According to ship employees, one of the passengers killed was from Italy and the other from Greece. Both names are being withheld until families are notified of the accident. There were 1,930 people on board the ship, including passengers and the captain. The Louis Majesty has 732 cabins.

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